Owen Wilson makes Cornhole bet with Ellen DeGeneres
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Owen Wilson bet Ellen DeGeneres he would beat her in a game of Cornhole.

The 48-year-old actor went head to head with the 'Finding Dory' with the 'Wedding Crashers' star in the lawn game, which sees players throw bean bags into a hole in the far end of the platform, to scoop $100 dollars.

Speaking on her chat show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', she said: "I heard you are such a huge fan of Cornhole. It's an extreme way to play Cornhole. And you claim to be so good at this. We throw from up there and we each have our own bean bags, we'll take turns at throwing our bags at the target, if we land on the board we get one point, and if we land in the hole we get three points. I have some cash and we are going to make it interesting. So I'm going to say $100 whoever gets it in. $100 if you get it in first, you give me $100 if I get it in first."

However, the 'Marley and Me' star swiftly added a clause to the rules of the match.

He said: "Let's make a bet, let's make it interesting. Talk is cheap. And I've got an idea you will probably fight me on. But I say that whoever wins gives it to charity."

Ellen then confirmed: "All the money goes to charity."

And Owen had high hopes for his performance.

He said: "I got a good feeling about this. I didn't want to say 'I'm going to win' but I don't see myself losing."

Ellen scored the first point, but the pair continued to battle it out to the end, which saw Owen beat the presenter with five points to two.

And the star has admitted he is also great at playing ping pong, and has challenged Ellen to a competition.

He said: "I am pretty good. We will play some time."

But when Owen admitted he puts a spin on the ball, Ellen point blank refused.

She said: "I don't want to now."

To which Owen replied: "You can't say you don't want to when you say you're really good."

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