Capital Newspapers video from the Tractorcade in Madison on Saturday

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OMG! The so called "farmers" in this video are the bottom of the barrel. 1 out of 7 farmers support this bill. The rest of us don't get BadgerCare, but pay for our own insurance and benefits in full. Just look at the tractors in this so called parade, lol. These guys are NOT real farmers, but part timers who don't know how to farm. Sorry, but that's the truth.


Perhaps your definition of a true farmer is more accurately called an agribusinessman. The one farmer I knew at the square is a genuine full-time dairyfarmer. Also, most farmers have a pre-existing conditions that precludes them from attaining health insurance on their own. Many farmer would have to leave their profession if they lost their Badgercare Plus. This would perhaps please you since it would mean a loss for the small farm movement and a gain for corporate farming. I for one support small farmers and think they are a critical piece of our national security and food security.

Ten Troubles
Ten Troubles

If you can tell how prosperous a farmer is by looking at the tractor he or she drives in a parade, you should go to work for the I.R.S. You can bet that some of those "junky old tractors" cost a whole lot more than the skateboard your mom bought for you.

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