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A Wisconsin Dells man is being held on $2,000 cash bond after an arrest over the weekend for operating a vehicle while intoxicated as a ninth offense.

Jason Triggs, 38, appeared in Columbia County Circuit Court on Monday, one of about 20 defendants appearing for bond hearings following the Thanksgiving weekend.

District Attorney Jane Kohlwey requested that Triggs be held on cash bond for reasons of public safety, also pointing to Triggs’ potential mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison if convicted.

A Wisconsin Dells police officer reported seeing Triggs driving just before 8 p.m. Saturday heading north on Superior Street as it becomes River Road. Triggs accelerated through the intersection with Broadway, clocking in at 55 to 60 mph when the officer stopped him.

Triggs reportedly admitted to having “a few beers” and had difficulty with portions of the field sobriety test. When the officer asked Triggs to take a preliminary breath test, he declined, saying that he already was subject to a 0.02 threshold as a result of prior convictions as opposed to the standard 0.08.

Defense Attorney Alexander Kostal pointed out that although Triggs faces a felony repeated OWI case, the most recent offense was 11 years ago.

Triggs has been convicted of OWI offenses that occurred in 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, two in 2002, and in November 2006.

On Jan. 29, 2010, Triggs entered a plea of no contest to a charge of operating while under the influence as an eighth offense, receiving a withheld sentence with one year of conditional jail time and four years of probation.

“A person wouldn’t have to speculate to assume much of that decade he would have been under extended supervision or incarcerated,” Judge W. Andrew Voigt said in Monday’s hearing.

Voigt ordered Triggs to be held on $2,000 cash bond, scheduling him for a pretrial conference and to appear in court next for a Jan. 29 return hearing. If convicted, Triggs faces up to 12½ years in prison.