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A short while back, O.J. Simpson was released from prison. Yes, he was sentenced to an outrageous term for this last crime. And yes, the length of this sentence was probably some time added to any normal term, just to get back at him for a previous non-guilty finding.

Now, the facts. Remember the TV/courtroom drama put on? “If the gloves fit, you must acquit.” Due to an inept/incompetent prosecution team, or the fact they were paid off to not notice or challenge it, O.J. was allowed to put on a pair of hospital sanitary-type gloves prior to his half-hearted attempt to put one of his regular gloves over it. Anyone knows that you can’t put your regular-fitting hand glove over another one.

The fact being that without the hospital glove on, his regular glove should have fit, which meant convict. Prior to what many do-gooders think, it’s not always the gun, it’s mostly the individual.

Don Schoechert, Montello