It didn’t take long for the liberal whiners to blame the new administration for all the woes in America. It doesn’t matter the issue: health care, illegal immigration, racism you name it, the list goes on and on, the Trump administration is to blame.

Dan Conry on Madison talk radio calls them the democratic communist socialist party and the more I see of them, the more the title fits. Recent articles blame this administration for the failing obamacare system, even though it was failing years ago and designed to do so by deplorable politicians like Sen. Tammy Baldwin and the rest of the Democrats who pushed it through with back-door deals in the middle of the night so they could force an unaffordable single payer system on us.

Over 11 million illegal immigrants in this country cost America billions but we don’t have enough money to give our senior citizens or veterans a raise, and they tell us we don’t need a wall.

Racism, fueled by the previous administration, is as bad as I can remember in America, falsely blaming law enforcement and ambushing innocent officers.

It's time for term limits for everyone and drain the swamp.

Gary Schoppenhorst, Endeavor