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When they wrote the Constitution, our founding fathers' purpose was to protect the life, health and property of the citizens. Eminent domain was created to build things for public use, like roads, schools and hospitals. But today in Wisconsin, our property can be taken for purely private projects.

I live 200 yards from four Enbridge pipelines for hazardous chemicals. Should there be a "release," the hazardous fumes would put my family and neighbors in an "incineration zone" that any spark could cause to explode. (I do intend to be cremated, but not yet.)

Now Enbridge wants to build another pipeline in the same corridor. (Despite their denials, the proof is in their new Line 3, that needs a connector from Superior to refineries.) Why should we be endangered for their profit?

I call on state Rep. Keith Ripp, state Sen. Luther Olsen and Gov. Scott Walker to work to outlaw eminent domain for private gain for oil pipelines. Let the free market work. If Enbridge wants our land for their private project, let's negotiate — but without them holding the club of condemnation over our heads.

Many people say that politicians only care about themselves; here's your chance to prove that you care about us, your constituents.

Charles Biddle, Rio