In response to A. L. Garber's selfish views as to Amtrak (Letters, Sept. 12), self-indulgent views as to a vital service, he is so wrong.

As he says, his sympathy is with those who will be denied travel. His sympathy is wanting. Amtrak is no boondoggle. Trains are a part of civilized life, found in civilized countries. Imagine how Amtrak carrying capacity could have assisted fleeing Floridians due to Irma. As was the case with New Orleans.

I view highways as a waste. They are something I prefer to avoid because they create traffic congestion rather than reduce urban frustration with gridlock. The profitable Amtrak lines help to keep the lesser-used lines going. The refusal to use other means of travel is not self-imposed. Airlines are not user-friendly to oxygen concentrators. This as if general fund revenues from our taxes don't support airlines and highways.

Thank goodness a majority of Congressmen and Americans see merit in alternative transportation and not as selfish as opponents of Amtrak.

Terry Spragg, Ventura, California