METCO Fuel Systems is recognizing employees for going above and beyond what is required for their job.

A team of METCO construction workers, led by Aaron Asp, recently confronted a group of children who were bullying another child. The fuel system installers were working at a Kwik Trip in Portage, when they noticed a child being bullied by other children. The children were attempting to steal the child's bike and harassing him.

Aaron and the other METCO employees stepped in to defend the child. Judy Pritchard, guest service leader at the store, noticed the incident but was unable to help as she was with customers. According to Judy, “The men stopped the harassment and watched and protected the child until he was safe. I personally thanked every one of them.”

Brian Hora, General Manager at METCO, said, “We’re so pleased and proud to have heard this story from Judy – she was kind enough to share this story with us on our Facebook page. Our team’s actions that day embody what we look for in employees – good, honest people who are willing to do the right thing.”

Brian Hora, Hillsboro