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Dear Portage Theater Youths: On March 11, at noon, I will hold a comedy and talent show at Portage United Methodist Church, 1804 New Pinery Road. In the past, this has been a small event with a handful of church-goers as participants. This year I would like to expand and include youths involved with the Portage Center for the Arts Youth Program. We will sell tickets and have refreshments before the event.

Why ask that the theater youth be involved? I have decided all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to your youth program. You can do anything from singing, dancing, spoken word, playing an instrument, theatrical performance, magic and more. The amount of time each participant will have depends on the number of performers. This upcoming week is the perfect time to sign up as we will have less than a month before showtime.

If you are interested, contact me at 608-742-2107 or Performances need to be clean and family-friendly. We will do a run-through of performances individually before the event so that I can get a feel of the timing and placement of where your performance should be.

Misty McMorrow, Portage United Methodist Church