Sandi VonEschen of Reedsburg could foresee a concept of endless possibilities at a craft show when she saw small crafters working on a product with a version of a hand mitt to help hold drinks while keeping hands warm.

This inspired her to start her own company, Bevmit, a year ago. She started making the product herself, getting the word out by attending trade shows, making cold calls and applying for a patent. She temporarily opened a store in November along Main Street in Reedsburg to provide another way for potential customers to view her product. The store will close Jan. 1 and VonEschen will move her business to exclusively phone and email orders.

A website is being designed for online orders and will be launched sometime early in the New Year. Bevmit’s are also available at Viking Village Foods and Viking Liquor in Reedsburg.

Short for beverage mitt, the product is designed with two layers of fleece to keep hands warm. Besides fleece, the different styles of the product are made of suede and duck cloth to accommodate those who prefer a heavier feel. The product can hold and keep stable many types of beverages.

“There’s a pocket in there and the pocket holds your drink but also it cradles it so you don’t have to stand and hold tightly to it,” she said. “It literally sets right in there.”

Even though she is busy running her own business, VonEschen is still involved in the process of making and creating new designs.

“I do a lot of the cutting, give things prep for it and then people take over from there,” she said. “I want to be in the process I want to know what’s going on.”

The mitts are available in many different designs for many themes like hunting, fishing, patriotic, animals and sports. There are also blank, solid colors available for people to come up with their own designs as well as for businesses and organizations to put logos on them. She has made several Bevmit’s with the logo of the Reedsburg Area High School Beavers and the Wisconsin Dells Ducks Hockey team. VonEschen said she is open to any suggestions from customers for potential designs.

“I’ve got the orange and black for the Harley people,” she said. “They can sew their patches on which would really be cool. I love ideas, I love new possibilities.”

Bevmit Sales Representative Sheri VonEschen said nothing goes to waste in the company. Any excess material is used to make into dog beds to donate to the Dane County Humane Society and other animal rescue organizations in Madison.

“We’re currently working on a load of them and this load will be going to the Dane County Humane Society,” Sheri VonEschen said.

Sheri VonEschen, who is also Sandi VonEschen’s daughter, said her mother has a strong passion for her company and really believes in her product.

“She has a great drive for her Bevmit company what she’s done with it in such a short period of time is amazing,” Sheri VonEschen said. “I am so proud of her.”

Additional information on Bevmit can be found on Bevmit’s facebook page or call Sandi VonEschen at (608) 669-6159 or email

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