A new doctor with ties to Reedsburg has joined the Reedsburg Area Medical Center Physician’s Group.

Dr. Rebecca Reim focuses on obstetrics and women’s health. She grew up in DeForest, studied as an undergraduate at Carthage College, attended the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, had a residency in Madison and practiced medicine with the National Health Service Corp. She is interested in obstetrics and women’s health.

“I specialize in family medicine and I like to do the whole spectrum of care,” Reim said, “which is something that in larger cities is sometimes getting harder to do because they either want to specialize doctors (as) outpatient or inpatient. You kind of lose that continuity, relationship with patients, so I’m really excited to be in a place where I’ll be able to work, really, from delivering babies to being there when it’s time to say good-bye to people.”

Reim said she came to Reedsburg because once she met the other doctors, she realized they hold the same tenets about being a doctor as she does.

“They really care and I feel like their philosophy matched mine,” she said.

Reim wants to see the healthcare field be filled with people who are masters of preventive medicine, she said, but until then she said she is happy to have follow-up opportunities with patients.

Reim has extended family members who live in Reedsburg so she remembers the city from childhood visits.

“It’s beautiful and it’s welcoming,” she said. “It’s geographically priceless. I love the central Wisconsin hills and I love gardening and I love being close to nature. So it’s nice to have that around me as the daily part of life.”

As a patient she lost a child, she said. She turned the tragedy into a positive curriculum, teaching other doctors how to be compassionate providers. She teaches doctors how to recognize grief and handle it. Having someone listen when patients have experienced a loss is important. She also leads seminars on grief.

Reim’s international experience includes work in Belize and India. She said she assisted in developing a health plan for a small town in Belize. Working with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stanford University Emergency Medicine Department, she also traveled to India to teach about handling obstetrical emergencies.

Reim said she always liked biology and medicine and, with nurses in her family, healthcare has always been a part of her life.

Reim will begin seeing patients Aug. 4. She is married with two children.

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