The Reedsburg Flying Club started late last year, but is hoping to take off this February with electing its first board of directors and continuing to spread the word about the club.

Brandon Scott, leader of the club, said there are currently about ten members in the club, and the club hopes to add additional members. Scott said the point of the club is to help members of the community interested and passionate about aviation to learn to fly and help those who join obtain proper certification to do so.

“Because right now there isn’t a lot of options in the area as far as obtaining time of an aircraft and instructor to get their license,” Scott said.

Scott said there have been some challenges with getting the club off the ground in terms of spreading to word, trying to acquire an aircraft and getting organized. The club meets the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Reedsburg Municipal Airport. The club will host elections and discuss other components of the club for their board of directors at its Feb. 12 meeting.

“We’ll be going over plane purchase options and we’ll be reviewing different financial approaches and what the impact would be to membership on a certain amount of members in the group,” said Paul Schumi, member and organizer of the club said.

He said the club hopes to focus on obtaining members through a membership drive which he said would be hosted in April or May.

“We don’t know what it will exactly entail yet,” Scott said.

Scott said the mission of the club is to spread awareness and excitement about aviation. Scott said anyone. He said the youngest member of the club is a 17-year-old. Brandon Kowalke, 22, of Loganville said he joined the club to learn how to fly an aircraft and to meet new people.

“I haven’t started learning yet but it seems like flying in an airplane would be a whole lot of fun,” Kowalke said.

Scott said anyone interested in joining the club does not need to have a pilot’s license or have an interest in getting one to join the club. The club is also looking for members to help with volunteer work for events like the Reedsburg airports fly in breakfast in June. Scott said once club is established they hope to get involved in community events in the city like Butterfest and Vet Fest.

“We encourage people to drop by and just if nothing else ask questions and find out what we are about,” Scott said.

The Reedsburg Area Flying Club has a Facebook page and has additional social media pages through Twitter, Snapchat, Google Plus and YouTube. Anyone looking for more information can contact the flying club by email at or call the Reedsburg Area Flying Club Hotline at 608-371-9240.

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