On behalf of the Design Reedsburg Committee and all of its volunteers, we’d like to extend a large thank you to the Reedsburg Times-Press for your support of the Design Reedsburg effort. You never hesitated to provide coverage of the event and portrayed the entire process in a way that has developed community support for the event. The Design Reedsburg initiative, in cooperation with UW Extension, has allowed the City of Reedsburg to create a community-based vision for its future as well as develop a strong network of support moving forward. On May 5 and 6, Reedsburg hosted 21 professional volunteers from around the State of Wisconsin as well as Minnesota who helped us craft that vision, and the support Reedsburg Times-Press provided was critical to making this event a success.

Now that the event is complete, our hard work begins. We’re excited to move forward with implementing the ideas created by the Wisconsin Design Team and have generated a lot of excitement and momentum to work together to bring their recommendations to fruition.

We would encourage you to follow our efforts and progress on our website at www.designreedsburg.com or on Facebook at @designreedsburg.

Design Reedsburg Co-Chairs

Sarah Pittz, Ganem Consulting (sarahmpitt@gmail.com)

Kristine Koenecke, Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce (ed@rucls.net)

Brain Duvalle, City of Reedsburg (bduvalle@ci.reedburg.wi.us)