In an effort to provide the most up-to-date local news to our readers, the Eagle will move its publication date to Thursdays starting Jan. 25.

This change will allow us to publish more timely government news, elections results and get more information to readers as quickly as possible. With the current Wednesday publication date, we often had to delay publication of election results and important news stories from government meetings due to press times. While our website at already is a great source for current news, we believe print subscribers deserve our best effort to be timely.

This change also will allow reporters extra time to follow up on actions taken by local officials and ensure we continue to provide the in-depth local coverage readers deserve.

Tuesdays also are active nights in prep sports, while Wednesday is a traditional night off for local teams. The new publication date allows us to have the most recent scores and standings for local teams. This will give fans a chance to have timely access to the results they care about. The change also allows the paper to be more timely when publishing calendar items and upcoming events.

The only change to the print product will be in the publication date and the Eagle will continue to be the locally-focused newspaper our readers have come to expect.

Jason Cuevas is the weeklies lead for Capital Newspapers. He can be reached with questions or concerns by email at or by phone at 608-547-3062.