Too bad the “Easily Offended Virtue Signalers” cannot find real fulfillment in their lives. They are always angry - they are the rudest, meanest, most crass people ever. Even when things aren’t said as they thought, they won’t do any research, no, their first impulse is to overreact, gather their other “easily offended bullies” and insult, demean, and threaten their target - God forbid they crack open an actual history book!

The reason they cry, yell, and physically attack others is not because their feelings were hurt - it is because they have not been educated to listen carefully, do real research, and communicate real cogent facts in a respectful dialog - their selfishness, low self esteem, and insecurity leads them to incivility and barbarism - which is a shame…Learn to smile, listen to upbeat music, unplug cable TV, get a sense of humor - those around you will greatly appreciate it.

Just remember neighbors - if you do not stand up for your neighbor when they are being attacked behind her/his back - who will be there to protect you after they are gone?

Do unto your neighbor as you would have your neighbor do onto you… one tin soldier rides away…

Anna Morgan

Patriotic Lodi