I'm all for shopping/buying locally, and I do, except when it comes to gassing up my vehicles.

I have my home repairs done locally; ditto for groceries and appliances and movies - I stay in town and frequent local restaurants. But, I avoid buying gasoline here as much as possible.

Travel in most any direction and the gas prices are significantly lower than those in Sauk-Prairie. Go to Black Earth, a mere 11 miles, and the prices are anywhere from 5-10 cents or more lower per gallon than those here. Ditto for Mazomanie. Why is that?

Are the merchants price gouging along the Highway 12 corridor, taking advantage of the many tourists traveling through, and likewise doing the same for local residents? I have a hard time believing that transporting gas to the service stations in town costs significantly more than it does from Black Earth, Spring Green, etc.

A trip to Black Earth to fill up a nearly empty gas tank, is well worth it, and I do, on a regular basis. Save my nickels and dimes and it amounts to many dollars over a year's time. Want my (and others’) business, Sauk Prairie gas stations? Lower your prices.

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac