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If Josh McDaniels is to leave for another head-coaching job this offseason, the New York Giants could be the destination. McDaniels has turned down overtures in recent years and said he remains happy with the New England Patriots — who wouldn’t with Tom Brady leading the way?

But McDaniels, who has remained a hot prospect for a job despite his previous failure with the Denver Broncos, is believed to be choosy about any job he might consider, and at least one person close to the situation believes this could be the type of high-profile job that interests him greatly.

There’s a lot to work out, including the path of the playoffs, where the Patriots are believed to be one of the prime favorites in the AFC to reach another Super Bowl. But with the relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Giants owner John Mara, as well as with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to the Giants organization, it’s the kind of fit that makes sense. Plus, logistically, with the two teams a short flight away, it would make interviewing for the job a smoother process.

The Giants also must hire a general manager, and it’s believed they want to do that first before picking a successor for Ben McAdoo. But this also could help land McDaniels, as picking a GM who could work with him and complement his skills would be an important step of the process. McDaniels previously struggled in Denver with too much on his plate, personnel-wise, and giving him a strong right-hand man in the front office would be an ideal setup.

Could it be someone such as Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio or Atlanta Falcons assistant general manager Scott Pioli, with whom McDaniels has previously worked, who ends up getting the GM job? Perhaps, but we also were told that in no way was this a requirement for the successor to Jerry Reese.

The Patriots expect teams to call about McDaniels again in the coming weeks, and the Giants certainly figure to be on that list. Perhaps they have designs on landing a big fish from the college ranks — they’ve done extensive work in the past on Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and Stanford’s David Shaw. But it would not stun us, based on what we’ve heard, to see a connection made between the Giants and McDaniels.

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