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Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week due to personnel changes, injuries and performance on the field, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings following Week 13 as teams head into the 14th weekend of regular season games.

Rank Team Record The Skinny

1. Patriots 10-2 Back where they belong, no doubt, right now

2. Vikings 10-2 The NFC's new hottest team

3. Steelers 10-2 Packers, Bengals wins shouldn’t be this hard

4. Eagles 10–2 Were due for a fall, need a quality win

5. Rams 9-3 Took care of biz in ‘Zona, big test vs. Philly next

6. Saints 9-3 Ingram, Kamara ground game downright scary

7. Seahawks 8-4 Win over Philly without boomers impressive

8. Panthers 8-4 Couldn’t match up with Saints offense

9. Falcons 7-5 Played Vikings tough, not tough enough

10. Titans 8-4 Very impressive in weak AFC South

11. Jaguars 8-4 Very impressive in weak AFC South

12. Ravens 7-5 7-5, but haven’t beaten a winning team

13. Chargers 6-6 The hottest team in the AFC West right now

14. Lions 6-6 3-5 after a 3-1 start

15. Raiders 6-6 Won 3-of-4 but not exactly knocking ‘em dead

16. Packers 6-6 Hanging around, can they hang on long enough?

17. Bills 6-6 1-4 after a 5-2 start

18. Cowboys 6-6 5 teams to jump over for wild-card spot

19. Chiefs 6-6 If it weren’t for AFC West, they’d be toast

20. Dolphins 5-7 Still alive but probably need to win out

21. Bengals 5-7 Why do cheap shots follow Bengals everywhere?

22. Jets 5-7 Still alive but no way they’ll win out

23. Washington 5-7 Last Thursday night in Dallas was the wake

24. Cardinals 5-7 They’re competing, just not good enough

25. Texans 4-8 Without injuries, may have remained class of AFC South

26. Bucs 4-8 No other way to spin it, Bucs big disappointment

27. 49ers 2-10 Not very good but a lot better with Garoppolo

28. Broncos 3-9 Somewhat amazing they’ve fallen this far

29. Colts 3-9 Playing out the string, worrying about Luck

30. Bears 3-9 Have gotten very ugly over past 4 weeks

31. Giants 2-10 Shame, shame, shame on them

32.   Browns  0-12 Way past shame a long time ago

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