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It wasn't like there was a mutiny going on in the Bears' locker room. I'm told players still liked Mike Glennon, and would've loved for him to succeed. But ever since John Fox arrived in Chicago, he's preached about the NFL being a performance-based business. Glennon's performance, and the strengths Fox and Ryan Pace preached about since signing him in March, rarely showed up in four games, so their hand has been forced before they lose the confidence of that locker room.

Harmony, and everyone pulling in the same direction, is crucial to Fox. As his third season running the show sits at 1-3, and with his own job security on the line, Glennon wasn't the guy who "raised all boats." They now turn, earlier than they ever wanted, to Mitchell Trubisky, as first reported by ESPN's Dan Graziano Monday morning. The Bears return to practice Tuesday, when Fox will address the media for the first time since Friday.

While Fox has been quick not to place blame directly on Glennon for his eight turnovers in four games, and players have publicly shared responsibility for their own roles in needing to raise their own levels of play, the narrative couldn't continue, especially with another nationally-televised game scheduled next Monday night at Soldier Field.

The Bears' ideal plan was to have Glennon provide a steady hand and realize potential with an opportunity he never got in Tampa Bay. That would allow Trubisky to slowly master pro style fundamentals he never learned in just 13 college starts at North Carolina, including learning the playbook and how to read NFL defenses. Glennon did not provide that with his continued lack of pocket awareness, quickness and decision-making. Now, ready or not, it's time for the kid most of the fan base has been screaming for. His mistakes will be more acceptable than the ones the veteran has been making, even if they're the same ones.

So let the growing pains begin. Trubisky will flash the athleticism to buy time, create a buzz and some chaos for opposing defenses and even expose him, as well. The kid hasn't mastered the entire playbook, certainly hasn't mastered how to read defenses and all their disguises, and probably has only a finite knowledge of formations knowing where his other ten teammates need to be on a given play. Expectations shouldn't be at a DeShaun Watson level after the quarterback Pace passed on (with much more college experience) lit up the Titans Sunday, thanks in part to weapons Trubisky won't have at his disposal.

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Many Bears fans, already impatient with the Pace-Fox regime, were begging for this before Glennon even played his first regular season game. Glennon kept opening the door wider for this decision with his play. But aside from Bears Nation, it was important for the locker room to give the more physically talented rookie a shot, and start the clock on his development. Raise hope. And keep him healthy, hoping he gradually raises all those boats around him.

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