The Delton Plan Commission gave approval for mini storage units to be built near the intersection of Hillman Road and Bunker Drive, but placed some stipulations on the project at a meeting Thursday night.

Darrin Marsich requested a conditional use amendment for a mini storage business on parcels No. 0691-2 and 0691-3.

In his comments to the commission, Marsich said he is still in the planning stages for the business. He noted his family has a storage business in Rockford that is gated in and plans for this storage facility in the town of Delton to also have a gate and key pad access.

“It’s a good location in Lake Delton,” he said.

He said new apartment buildings and a mobile home park are nearby and thinks it is a good location for a storage business.

Rob Roth, of General Engineering out of Portage and the town’s zoning administrator, in the town’s Comprehensive Plan, the long range plans for the area are to have commercial development there.

But because it is zoned agricultural now, the use requires a conditional use permit, he said.

The first phase of construction calls for three, 40 foot by 100 foot buildings. The plan commission was only deciding on the first phase of construction at the meeting.

Construction is slated to begin in November and be complete by January, Roth said.

Lights will be attached to the buildings and the business will have a sign, he said.

Kathy Radcliff, who has property adjacent, said she wasn’t opposed to the storage units going in. She said she is concerned about storm water runoff affecting a farming field she has beside the property, security, trespassing and cleanliness.

Marsich said he wants the property to be clean, but said he couldn’t say whether he’d have a fence around the entire property.

Radcliff also said she believes there are Native American burial mounds on the property with archeological significance, which could interfere with Marisch’s plans to build.

Ultimately, the commission members approved Marsich’s request for a conditional use amendment and required that hours of operation from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., overnight parking and outdoor storage be prohibited, a sign plan be submitted, erosion control and storm water plans permits to be issued upon Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approval, a certified survey map be approved, another conditional use permit be required for additional uses, the applicant consult with the Delton Fire chief about proper arrangements to provide access for emergency vehicles to turn around at the property.

Additionally, the commission required the applicant to design and build a suitable discharge for run off off-site and within the town right of way. In response to Radcliff’s concern about burial mounds on the property, the commission acknowledged the DNR has a process for investigating whether the site is of archeological significance.

The commission’s recommendation for approval will go before the Delton Town Board.

Reporter, photographer for Reedsburg Times-Press and Wisconsin Dells Events

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Self Storage facilities are generally good businesses to have around the neighbourhood I think. They are clean and relatively quiet and aren't really a big eye sore. We have quite a number in the Gold Coast and property values weren't too greatly affected when new ones were built so zoning wise, there shouldn't be much an issue for permits right?

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