In what he said was the spirit of former Republican President Abraham Lincoln and America’s founders, a former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher addressed the Sauk

County Republican Party at its annual Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday on protecting freedoms by opposing cap and trade legislation, reigning in the power of the Environmental Protection Agency and staying out of global treaties that would jeopardize America’s independence.

Throughout his speech at the party’s Lincoln Day dinner at the Kalahari, Lord Christopher Monckton referred to historic U.S. figures like President Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson who spoke out against tyranny and Patrick Henry who said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” all in the context of protecting freedoms that he said are threatened by the movement to save the planet from global warming, global warming being a threat he doesn’t believe is real.

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war,” he said, adding that although people aren’t dying they are fighting for “freedom and prosperity and democracy.”

Cap and Trade is the first “freedom destroying measure,” he said, referring to legislation that would limit greenhouse gas emissions and tax businesses for the fossil fuels released into the atmosphere. He also spoke in opposition to what he said was undemocratic tactics in Congress to force legislators to vote on bills with last-minute amendments.

He also said the length of the legislation poses a problem. He said biblical writers didn’t need millions of words to explain the lessons of love God, love your neighbor and there’s no room free.

The second “freedom destroying measure” is the EPAs “legislation by proxy.”

He quoted the U.S. Constitution and said the EPA is not a legislative body and shouldn’t be legislating.

After Americans fought in the Civil War to save the union, whether it be fought for state’s rights or opposition to slavery, they kept their freedom and democracy, he said. And it’s not a good idea to let an agency that wasn’t elected legislate, he added.

As the third “freedom destroying measure” Monckton opposed a world government treaty like one sought at the U.N. conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark last year.

Monckton addressed a few other issues during his speech. He warned against allowing passage of the health care bill.

“The last thing you want is a national health service like that of the United Kingdom,” he said. “Don’t go there.”

He criticized President Barack Obama’s administration by saying the country had elected a “monster.”

The stimulus package had been written by Communists to funnel money to extreme left wing, Marxist organizations, he said.

At the end of his speech he gave credit to former President George Bush for successful Iraqi elections. He asked how many at the dinner had served in the Armed Forces and when some stood to signal they had, Monckton said, “The Republican Party was and is the patriotic party.”

Tim McCumber, chair of the Sauk County Republican Party, said he agrees with Monckton’s stance on climate change, but said if someone doesn’t know the details they might not understand his points. But he called the Moncktons “wonderfully charming people.” “He was very entertaining and enjoyable to hear,” McCumber said.

McCumber said the party had 137 people for dinner; some had come from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference held at Chula Vista Resort where Monckton was also a speaker. Attendance was higher than last year’s Lincoln Day Dinner when McCumber said the number of participants was in the 60s.

About 21 Republican candidates for state and local offices also spoke at the dinner.

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Wonderful choice of speaker, Sauk GOP. Maybe you can book this chap next year. He's available.