Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park purchased the Concord Inn and Monaco Motel, a deal that owner Nick Laskaris said was completed Wednesday.

The purchase means he has 1,300 rooms now, and he said he’ll only slow down in acquiring more motels when he sees a decrease in the number of customers seeking them.

The Laskaris family business has taken over numerous motels along Wisconsin Dells Parkway in recent years.

Laskaris promotes his family’s business by offering free admission to Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park with stays in one of the resort’s rooms.

He said he’ll keep adding rooms until the business can’t fill the park anymore. The park has a 16,000 person per day capacity and now it averages about 10,000 to 12,000 visitors a day in the summer, he said.

Unlike some other large resorts in Wisconsin Dells that have sites in other states, the Laskaris family is concentrating their business in the Dells area.

“I’ve had no interest in going into other areas,” he said. “I love the Wisconsin Dells area and that’s where I hope to stay, invest my money,” he said.

Laskaris said he likes the area, his family is here, and it’s a good place to raise a family.

His family has been in Dells since the 1970s, he said.

He pointed out that Mt. Olympus Water and Theme park is a family-run business with his wife, Eva, and two daughters. He said he has more than 900 employees.

Sixty employees have to be added to take care of the most recent properties he purchased, he said.

The resort usually paints its buildings blue and white in keeping with the Greek theme.

The Laskaris family purchased the additional hotels because of their functionality, too.

He said the customers like to drive up and park outside of their motel rooms, a feature many of the smaller motels built along Wisconsin Dells Parkway offer.

It is a difference from other resorts that have many rooms opening into long, enclosed hallways.

He said it makes sense to refurbish the older motels because he doesn’t want to build too many rooms than what is demanded in the area if he were to build completely new accommodations. He also said he doesn’t have to build everything else that a guest might need, like restaurants, in a more insular resort. He encourages guests to venture out to dine in restaurants that are already established in the Dells area and offers discounts for guests to do so.

“These visitors need more than just Mt. Olympus to go to; they need the whole area, the boats, the Ducks, all the different attractions and the shopping,” he said, adding they need the river, too.

He also said his strategy is better for the environment because he isn’t taking up more land with new developments.

The newest hotels to Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park will have new carpeting, remodeled bathrooms, fresh paint, new furniture and new bedding, Laskaris said.

The remodeled Concord Inn and Monaco Motel are slated to open by Memorial Day 2014, he said.

Reporter, photographer for Reedsburg Times-Press and Wisconsin Dells Events

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