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Across her lush and bountiful fourth generation farm at the edge of Wisconsin Dells, Lisa Nelson brings her beloved chocolates to the world. The beautiful and robust 28-acre farm holds over 46 different fruits and herbs that are or will be entering her renowned chocolates.

Lisa Nelson is an award-winning chocolate creator; including the International Chocolate Award for the Americas. Lisa left the corporate world to live out her passion years back. She launched her business in 2010 and has been refining recipes ever since.

Lisa offers a decadent feast of infused chocolates with colorful names for each of her artesian Roots Chocolate, creations including: Franilla DuVille, a dark chocolate “kissed” with real vanilla bean seeds, the Pumpkinator, Chocolate Mint Basil, Nico, Ms.Figgy, Hot Flash, Raspberry BV, Lavender and Honey, Espresso and the Sea Salt Sugar Baby. Each chocolate is made in her professional chocolate kitchen on her farm.

“I like to work with other farmers and small businesses.” Nelson said. She is known to make “cholaborations” with them, bringing specialized and new mixtures and infusions to chocolates in a grand chocolate collaboration.

“Lisa creates from the heart, she is a wonderful person and really loves what she does,” said Maria Kovach, a lover of Roots Chocolates and owner of Simply Stated Interiors. “Lisa does amazing combinations of things that really come together in a piece of chocolate. Roots chocolates are remarkable and she does a wonderful job of handcrafting deliciousness. I love to use Lisa’s chocolates as gifts to my clients, to expose her wonderful chocolates and to support other woman owned businesses. Lisa is just the best and so are her chocolates.”

“We grow over 40 things on the farm which I hope will go in to chocolates,” Neslon said “Being a farmer requires patience. If I want to grow a certain type of fruit to put in chocolate, I first have to plant the tree. Then you wait and hope it will fruit in 3-5 years. At the same time, this is part of what makes Roots Chocolates Unique. I can pick the fruit fresh, take it to my commercial kitchen and infuse it in to chocolate. It’s that fresh. The first fruits that are ready on the farm are the Tart Cherries and the Honeyberries. These are two of the seasonal chocolates I make.”

“I absolutely adore Lisa and her local chocolates,” said Alyssa Tesar, passionate local food lover. “I am not a person who has a natural affinity for chocolates but after eating Lisa’s chocolates, now I love chocolate. Her chocolates are inventive and interesting. I met Lisa at a local farmer’s market and I got to know her story. She has such an amazing story. She came from the corporate world and left it to pursue her passion. Her passion is amazing and her chocolate is so delicious.”

Lisa will be starting chocolate tours and tastings in mid-June. Chocolate lovers will get to tour her farm and taste the delectable chocolates during the unique tour. They will be scheduled, adult only events; and inquiries can be directed through the website. Lisa will also be bringing her Roots Chocolates to several local markets including the Wisconsin Dells Homegrown Farmers Market.

Lisa Nelson is making her debut appearance on Wisconsin Foodie, that airs June 8 on Wisconsin Public Television or can be viewed now at wpt. For more information on the Wisconsin Foodie episode or information about where you can get Roots Chocolates visit