Workers demolished the old pool at the former Pine Dell Motel Monday, at the request of Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park’s owner, who has achieved yet another expansion of his business along the Wisconsin Dells Parkway by having purchased the motel in April.

Nick Laskaris, owner of Mt. Olympus, noticed his advanced bookings were on an uptick, so he bought the former Pine Dell Motel that was adjacent to other properties he had purchased. The Pine Dell Motel, like other properties he’s taken over recently, will be used as additional sleeping quarters for his guests.

“It was a great match for us....” Laskaris said in an interview Monday in his office at Hotel Rome, the central overnight accommodation where guests staying at his other motels register.

He added that it was ideal because he has reunited the two nearby properties, the Pine Dell Motel and one formerly known as Four Seasons Hotel.

Laskaris said his goal is to continue to clean up the Strip and make it appear new.

Pine Dell Motel rooms will receive new fixtures, toilets, bathtubs and beds, according to Laskaris.

The exterior will be painted blue and white, the colors of Greece, to match the rest of his overnight lodging accommodations.

“That way there will be no doubt when a visitor comes to the Dells that they are entering into a Mt. Olympus Resort,” Laskaris said.

The closing on the property was April 30, which Laskaris said has let him reach the goal of having slightly more than 1,000 hotel units.

He had to take down the old Pine Dell Motel pool out of concerns for safety and also to encourage the use of the other attractions at his park, Laskaris said.

Play at the water and theme park is included in the hotel charge on the check-in and check-out days, Laskaris said.

He said his park is unique because it offers both wet and dry rides with the same admission.

His park spans 180 acres and includes a new wooden roller coaster that can take riders upside down.

Even though Laskaris expects attendance at his park to be up because of the amount of advanced bookings, having extra motel space for visitors that come especially because the new Hades 360 roller coaster opened can’t hurt.

“I know the lines have been very long already,” Laskaris said about the people waiting to ride it.

Pine Dell Motel will be ready for occupation by the Fourth of July weekend and will be renamed Mt. Olympus Village. The names of the other properties he owns are Hotel Rome and Mt. Olympus Camp Resort, which has accommodations in tree houses and tent sites.

The park also added 50 new cabins for employee housing, according to Laskaris.

The park now employs more than 800 full- and part-time employees, Laskaris said.

Laskaris confirmed that the last property he bought was the Copa Cabana Resort Hotel & Suites. He took it over in 2011.

Laskaris said in an interview then that he had different names for all of the lodgings he has taken over, like Zeus’ Village and Mykonos Village, Mykonos Resort, Santorini Village and Poseidon’s Village. But he has decided to call them all by the same name, Mt. Olympus Village.

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I always have thought that the charm of the Dells was the fact that it had not aged in fifty years. I love coming back and seeing all the roadside motels from the fifties. It is unfortunate that this gentle man is buying up everything and turning it into a cheesy modern "resort". We actually booked a room with one of the Olympus properties and immediately checked out because the hotel and room were filthy as could be. I honestly felt like we were in a motel where bad things happen. There are also several reports of bed bug infestations in more than one of the Mt. Olympus properties. If this guy wants to tout his property as "resort quality" he better at least make sure that the room are clean and free of odors and pests.


Agreed tacky does not begin to describe this guy. At least places like Wilderness, Great Wolf and Kalahari are keeping the Dells going. Stay away from anything blue and white.

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