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Purchasing a color- changing cup for complimentary lemonade will help support the fight against childhood cancer this spring at the Great Wolf Lodge.

The Great Wolf Lodge partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that funds research and supports families affected by childhood cancer.

Alex Scott was born in 1996 and diagnosed with Neuroblastoma before she turned one, according to the foundation’s website. When she was hospitalized at four years old, she told her mother, Liz Scott, she wanted to have a lemonade stand to help other kids like her.

When Alex approached Liz with the idea, Liz Scott said she was really proud.

“I remember thinking, it was kind of cute that she thought she could cure cancer with a lemonade stand,” said Liz Scott, co-executive director of the foundation. “When I was a kid and I had a lemonade stand, if I got $5, that would have been a lot.”

Liz Scott said she told Alex that she would probably raise $5 to $10. Alex raised $2,000 at her first stand, she said.

When others heard about Alex’s mission, they began having lemonade stands and sending their money, Liz Scott said. That grew into Alex’s idea that if everyone had lemonade stands, together, they could make a lot more money, she said. Before passing away in 2004, Alex helped raise more than $1 million.

The foundation has raised over $150 million, Liz Scott said. The funds primarily go towards research at about 140 hospitals across North America. She said they also have a robust family support program.

“It’s a charity that aligns well with our culture and who we are,” said Eric Schultz, general manager of the Dells Great Wolf Lodge. “Our goal and purpose is to bring joy to families and that’s one that they share.”

“That family connection and caring for the families is a huge way we fit together,” Liz Scott said.

She said the partnership is a great opportunity to not only activate people to go there and participate, but also get the word out that people can participate with the foundation anytime, all year long, by just holding a lemonade stand.

The lemonade at the lodge is free during nightly spring picnics, but guests can purchase souvenir color-changing cups for $2.50 each with all of the proceeds from the cups going to the foundation, said Gabrielle Garcia, kids experience manager at the Dells Great Wolf. All 14 United States Great Wolf Lodge locations are participating.

The lemonade stand is part of the lodge’s Spring-a-Palooza, which started March 9 and runs until April 15.

“It’s our celebration of all things spring,” Schultz said.

Garcia said throughout the year, the lodge puts on large events like Snowland and Howl-o-ween, which are focused around particular seasons.

“Summer is its own event, especially in the Dells, but we were kind of missing that extra factor during the spring break season,” she said. “So, they started Spring-a-Palooza about three years ago.”

Nightly spring picnics include lemonade and snack giveaways, a special spring game and free crafts, she said. The crafts are character-themed like a Sammy the Squirrel climbing clip, which is a key chain focused on her favorite spring activity, climbing. The picnics start at 5 p.m.

Dance parties take over the lobby throughout the year, but for spring, there are bubble dance parties with bubble machines and bubble wands.

“Everyone gets soaked in bubbles,” she said. “It’s really fun.”

Popular movies will be shown on Friday and Saturday nights for spring cinema, she said.

Six flower pots were decorated, each by a different Great Wolf department and centered around a Great Wolf character. Guests can vote on their favorite.

All Spring-a-Palooza activities are included as part of an overnight stay for no extra charge, according to a press release. For more information and the full list of activities, visit