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A little more than spring cleaning is going on at Maurer’s Market.

The market was going to be part of a new development at the Indian Trial Motel property. However, plans for that construction project are undergoing changes and will no longer have a grocery store.

“They’re doing a remodel in the market,” said Chris Tollaksen, planning and zoning administrator, at the Design Review Committee meeting March 7. “They’re going to add a deli with actual food service, so they want to add a little dining area inside and outside.”

He said the market would use a couple of the parking stalls right next to the building and install a patrician-like fence. Nine four-top tables would be placed in the fenced-in dining area. He said the furnishings would have to be solid, commercial-grade.

“From my point of view, going through the standards, it’s well in their property and well off the public sidewalks,” he said.

There are about 45 stalls in private parking and street parking on Washington Avenue, he said. There is enough parking if on-street parking is included. Since the market is a C2 Downtown Business, they’re exempt anyways and not required to have more parking than they do, he said.

Alderperson Dar Mor clarified that the only access to the outdoor seating area would be through inside the store.

“There’s no outside access, it looks like, which I think is smart,” he said.

“It looks like they’re doing a nice addition,” Tollaksen said.

The committee approved the outdoor seating and dining area.

Committee member Ben Borcher said he doesn’t think the fencing signage is visible to the public way.

“They’re clearly not intending it to be visible from the street as much as they are for their customers in the parking lot,” he said.

Maurer’s said the fencing signage is not intended to be seen from the right-of-way, Tollaksen said.

The board approved the outdoor fencing with the determination that the fence signage is not visible from the public right-of-way.

Maurer’s is looking to change the color of the roof, repaint the building the same color and add awnings and lighting on the outside to fix it up, Tollaksen said.

Mor said it looks like they’re using a different tone from the front part of the building versus the back, which he said he thinks looks nice.

“It’s definitely an improvement,” he said.

The committee approved the façade improvements.

In addition to these changes, the store will have a self-serve hot bar in the deli, a new sandwich case, updated refrigeration and LED lighting, said Kevin Peterson, store director.

“The main thing was to get more efficient in a lot of ways and more energy efficient,” he said.

They’re planning on having the updates done by Easter.

“We really look forward to having it done,” he said.