I went to a restaurant in the Dells recently, and upon entering noticed a sign on the door, a gun in a circle with a line through it, indicating that concealed carry permit holders were not permitted to carry their gun inside. I normally don’t patronize such places, but since someone else was paying I went in anyway.

Statistics show that concealed carry permit holders are no more likely to commit a crime with their gun than a police officer is, so the restaurant owners’ attitude made no sense to me, until, I tasted the food.

Here is another interesting statistic, this one from the FBI uniform crime figures: Despite the current panic about ‘assault rifles,’ more people in the U.S. are killed each year with hammers, clubs, and other blunt instruments than with rifles of all types. For 2005, the toll for hammers and such was 605, for rifles, 445. In 2006, it was hammers 618, rifles 438.

We need an immediate and total assault hammer ban.

Alan Osborn, Calumet City, Ill.

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Reverend Al
Reverend Al

The title to this letter was written by the editor, not by the author of the letter. The author's point is that more killings are committed with blunt instrument than with RIFLES of all kinds,
not all guns. In fact, more people are beaten to death with fists, feet, and other body parts than with rifles.