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Each year the Vietnam Veterans Association (VVA) Chapters 729, 101 and 221 organize and participate in the September WO-ZHA-WA Wisconsin Dells Parade.

Every year Fred (Sarge) and Kay Goff have provided VVA a staging area.

Upon Sarge’s passing, Kay, along with a group of her close patriotic friends and family, graciously continue to host our preparation efforts and have done so for twenty plus years. Kay treats our organization wonderfully. Each year she, along with her friends, have provided a home-cooked meal fit for a King’s Banquet, a space to assemble the float and organize the unit, and an area for us to enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch.

During these years of support these wonderful people have never asked anything in return, in fact Kay and her Patriots have flatly refused any reward or payment for their generosity. Their only request is that we return next year. The support and dedication these gallant people have shown to the Veteran’s Community does not go unappreciated.

The support of Sarge, Kay and her friends went a long way to help with creating camaraderie and friendship among our Vietnam Veterans as a brotherhood.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Kay and her Patriotic friends for all their hard work on our behalf, as well as their continued support of the Veterans community. We could not do it without you.

Dennis Neilsen, Chapter 729 Adams/Juneau

Chapter 101 Wisconsin Rapids

Chapter 221 Baraboo