I also find it ironic that our elected officials including more than 24 Democratic Senators and one Republican Senator to push Senator Al Franken, D, to resign due to allegations of Sexual harassment. I agree he should resign, but the irony of his case is Senator Lisa Murkowski, R. of Alaska. She has nothing to say about the admitted sexual harasser in the Oval Office and is fully in line with her Republican Party in advocating for the election of Roy Moore, R.Alabama, to the U.S. Senate, who is also under an array of allegations including a possibility of assault of a minor, that is pedophilia. And who was removed from a judgeship in Alabama Two times.

The fact that we have a person in the White House that bragged on National TV about his habits in the realm of sexual assault, is reason enough for this Party to Get real and Impeach this dirt, and drop Roy Moore.

Do the voters of the Republican Party believe this is okay? I surely don't.

Bert Sylvander, Wisconsin Dells