On behalf of the family and friends of Roxanne Podrasky Bartz, I would like to thank all of the participants and donators for the Roxanne Podrasky Bartz Volleyball Memorial. The event was very successful; the money raised will be used for local scholarships. It would not have been possible without all of your help, a big thank you to the following generous people and businesses; Andrea Nelson, Ann Fish, Aurora Police Association (Colorado), Bangz, Baraboo Country Club, Best Western Ambassador Inn & Suites, Bree Collins, Brooke Hartley, Buffalo Phils, Carson Bernat, Cheescake Heaven, Cheeze Factory, Chula Vista, Circus World, Cliff P. Lemon, Cris Custer, Culvers, Cyndi Collins, Genevieve Raddatz, Kathy Jones, Caelan Tourdot, Daley’s Bar & Grill Team, Dells Archery, Dells Army Ducks, Dells Boat Tours, Dennis Dahler, Earth Touch, Ekitchenworld, Foxy’s Briggsville, Frankie Bar (Baraboo), Great Wolf Lodge, Gussels-Holiday Wholesale, Haircut Express Baraboo, Haircut Express from Baraboo, Helen Sweeney, High Rock, Hot Dog Avenue, Hugh Gaston, J&T Softball, Jim Lapp (Stoughton), JustAGame, Kalahari Resort, Kickers, Kim Plemon, Knuckleheads, Landers CRT, Lisa Persack, Loganville Bar & Grill, Loser Buys Drinks Team, Mac’s, Margaret Miller, Maria Chagolla, Michelle Justice, Moosejaw, NAPA, Native Sun, Nikki Lissoni USA, Original Wis. Dells Fudge, Outlet at the Dells, Packers, Pepper Palace, Pirates Cove, Pizza Pub, Port Huron Brewing, Shannon Dodge, Smart Women Portage, Springbrook Golf, Steven Cox, Sundara, Swiss Maid/Dairyland Fudge, Tammy Ferguson, Tammy Mayer, Tim Smith (Baraboo), Vibe Salon, WD Park and Rec., Wild Rock Golf, Wilderness Resort, Winnebago Store.

The family and friends of the Roxanne Podrasky Bartz Memorial