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None of us will ever know what kind of influence we have on others and others have on us (until many years pass by). We all have bad days, weak moments, and flaws in our character, and we all need love. Love is sharing whatever life holds. Often the purpose of love is for others to guide us, without expectation or interference, as far as they can go, so that we might begin. It made me think how we are raised at home and in school as well by volunteering. This is where I got the gentle love and guidance of amazing people that helped me through the rough times, been such an incredible role models, inspired and supported me in everything I did. They provided the guidance and comfort I needed and never asked for anything in return.

Today, I'm grateful of all experiences and the things I have learned through loving people that they flow to each other's aid, often without knowing where we are heading, healing the life through us and in us.

P.S. Despite the fact that I live far from home, I still like to read the Wisconsin Dells Events newspaper. Your last article on E.M.S. and their devoted people in our community is very much appreciated.

Katherine M. Tokarczyk, Newark, New Jersey (Fitzgerald's Motel, Wisconsin Dells)