Details for JENSEN, (NOTICE TO CREDITORS - Summary Assignment)

STATE OF WISCONSIN, CIRCUIT COURT, DANE COUNTY Notice to Creditors for Summary Assignment (Formal Administration) Case No. 22-PR-767 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JANE M. JENSEN PLEASE TAKE NOTICE; A Petition for Formal Administration was filed. 1. A Petition for Summary Assignment was filed. 2. The decedent, with date of birth 2/20/1963 and date of death 7/21/2022, with a mailing address of 4608 MAHER AVENUE, WI 53716, was domiciled in DANE County, State of WISCONSIN. 3. The right of a creditor to bring an action terminates three months after the date of publication of this order. Creditors may bring an action by A. filing a claim in the DANE County Circuit Court before the property is assigned. B. bringing a suit against the assignee(s) after the property is assigned 4. The property may be assigned to the creditors and interested persons after 30 days have elapsed following the publication of this notice. Form completed by: Attorney Gregory D. Murray 6633 BROAD CREEK BLVD MADISON, WI 53718 608-215-6944 Bar Number 1025454 WSJ: January 20, 2022 143319 WNAXLP