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Scott Walker talks

Gov. Scott Walker gives an update on flood relief and recovery efforts during a Sept. 7 visit to a donation center in Reedsburg. Walker is running for his third term as Wisconsin governor this fall. 

To prepare for the fall election, Columbus/Fall River Area Republicans will open an office in Columbus Tuesday, Sept. 18.

The office will be located 146 W. Mill Street, the same location used for the past few elections. According to Office Coordinator George H. Jordan, the office will be supporting Republican candidates Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, Leah Vukmir, Glenn Grothman, Scott Fitzgerald, John Jagler, Jon Plumer and Brad Schimel. Open houses and candidate listening sessions are pending and will be announced.

The Republican office will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-7 p.m. and on Saturdays.

“The importance of this year’s elections are vital to continuing the forward agenda Wisconsin has enjoyed for the past eight years,” Jordan said. “The volunteers manning the office enjoy having supporters drop in to pick up yard and highway signs, help in contacting other supporters, distribute campaign literature and chat about issues important to us all.”

Jordan believes that continued support from conservative Republicans is necessary to combat problems with schools, for continued growth of industries that provide good paying wages, improvements in health care, safety for our children, and reduction in taxes.

“If you are concerned about your rights to freedom of religion, preservation or your First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, the growing threats from ‘political correctness,’ the indoctrination of our children in schools in socialism, and the overreach of excessive controls into every aspect of your life, then stop by, and help us ensure the election has good, common sense, conservative candidates,” Jordan said. “Most of all, your votes are vital.”

For more information, contact Jordan at 920-623-3115.