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Vita Patten

Vita Patten runs up the Ice Age Trail during a meet last season in Baraboo.

The Baraboo High School cross country teams got preview of the Badger North Conference meet on Tuesday, lining up against all 16 teams in the Badger North and Badger South conferences at Norsk Golf Club in Mount Horeb.

The Baraboo girls ran to an 11th-place finish, while the T-Birds took 12th in the boys’ meet.

Tuesday’s meet featured a freshman/sophomore race followed by a junior/senior race, then combined the best times of each team to determine the standings.

The Baraboo girls tallied a team time of 116 minutes, 56 seconds, finishing about 10 minutes behind leader Monona Grove (106:40). The Baraboo boys finished with a time of 94:54, while DeForest (83:32) and Sauk Prairie (91:14) took first and second, respectively, in the boys’ meet.

Senior Vita Patten was the fastest Baraboo girl to cross the finish line, using a time of 22:50.2 to take 22nd in the junior/varsity race. Junior Molly Stewart was right behind her, crossing the line in 22:51.0 to take 25th.

"It was nice to see that duo racing side by side," Baraboo girls head coach Julie Faylona said.

Senior Abby Moon placed 37th in the junior/senior meet with a time of 23:36.3.

"Ran a very smart and consistent race," Faylona said of Moon. "Moonie is more experienced in pacing and race strategies. I think she will be a good person to help Marie (Fadeyva) key off of."

Fadeyva put together a personal-best race on Tuesday. The junior crossed the finish line in 24:10.5 to take 47th in the junior/senior race.

"Marie Fadeyva is just proving herself as a solid varsity runner," Faylona said. "As a  JV runner last year, I am so excited for her success this year. Her hard work is really paying off."

A pair of sophomores led the Baraboo girls in the freshman/sophomore race. Asia Dubray took 35th among the underclassmen with a time of 23:28.1, while Venna Krayer placed 45th in 24:11.9.

"She (Faylona) had another strong race piggybacking off her success at River Vally," Faylona. "She is really starting to get into her groove.

"We had a fairly hard workout on Monday, so I anticipated some slower times, but the girls competed hard. Shaylee Dougherty and Kennadi Snow also had strong competitive races."

Garrett Exo paced the Baraboo boys. The junior crossed the line in 18:02.3 to place 15th in the junior/senior meet. Senior Ethan Agren added a 23rd-place finish (18:12.8), while junior Alec Schmelzer took 47th (19:18.0).

Baraboo sophomores Max Statz (19:38.8) and Cortney Dunnet (19:42.4) finished 30th and 31st, respectively, in the boys’ freshman/sophomore race.

"Garrett Exo and Ethan Agren led the T-Birds on a rolling hills course," Baraboo boys coach Jacob Boll said. "The heat got to the boys today so times may not have improved, but they powered through it and we had some individuals with some successes. 

"Alec Schmelzer and Cortney Dunnett continue to improve on the varsity and are closing the gap between the top runners."

Oregon’s Lauren Beauchaine led all girls runners with a time of 20:16.6, while DeForest’s Jacob Burgener crossed the line in 16:49.0 to win the boys’ meet.

The T-Birds will have the weekend off before hosting a six-team invitational on Tuesday at Baraboo High School.



Team scores: 1, Monona Grove 106:40; 2, Waunakee 108:24; 3, Fort Atkinson 109:19; 4, Beaver Dam 109:22; 5, Oregon 109:27; 6, Mount Horeb 112:30; 7, Watertown 113:02; 8, Milton 113:46; 9, Reedsburg 114:39; 10, DeForest 114:50; 11, Baraboo 116:56; 12, Stoughton 117:04; 13, Edgewood 117:38; 14, Sauk Prairie 119:32; 15, Portage 122:46; 16, Monroe 127:45. At Mount Horeb.

Freshman/sophomore top 10 individuals: 1, Peighton Nelson, MG, 20:38; 2, Anna Ollendick, MH, 21:02; 3, Acacia Holmquist, MG, 21:09; 4, Mara Talabac, Mil, 21:29; 5, Allison Yundt, MG, 21:30; 6, Jordyn Jarvi, Wau, 21:39; 7, Jacqueline Lacen, Reed, 21:42; 8, Clara Hughes, Ore, 21:43; 9, Hannah Lawrence, Sto, 21:44; 10, Avery Poole, MG, 21:44.

Junior/senior top 10 individuals: 1, Lauren Beauchaine, Ore, 20:16; 2, Jenna Lovejoy, FA, 20:27; 3, Emma Bertz, Wau, 20:27; 4, Marissa Wackett, Wat, 20:56; 5, Jada Donaldson, BD, 21:14; 6, Lauren Bilau, FA, 21:35; 7, Vanessa Thomas, MG, 21:37; 8, Anna Wozniak, Sto, 21:38; 9, Rachel Uhrich, BD, 21:39; 10, Cara Smith, Wat, 21:39.

Baraboo: Patten 22:51; Stewart 22:52; Dubray 23:29; Moon 23:37; Fadeyva 24:11. 


Team scores: 1, DeForest 83:32; 2, Sauk Prairie 91:14; 3, Monona Grove 91:23; 4, Stoughton 92:02; 5, Edgewdood 92:38; 6, Watertown 93:00; 7, Monroe 93:31; 8, Portage 93:53; 9, Mount Horeb 94:13; 10, Beaver Dam 94:28; 11, Waunakee 94:43; 12, Baraboo 94:54; 13, Oregon 95:10; 14, Milton 95:11; 15, Fort Atkinson 97:22; 16, Reedsburg 106:38. At Mount Horeb.

Freshman/Sophomore top 10 individuals: 1, Gavin Czarnecki, BD, 17:31; 2, Yordanos Zelinski, Ore, 18:03; 3, Alex Henry, Mon, 18:15; 4, Colton Hansen, Sto, 18:20; 5, Christian Smith, Sto, 18:21; 6, Christopher Kitzhaber, Wat, 18:22; 7, Ayden Gnewuch, MG, 18:25; 8, Eli Traeder, MG, 18:31; 9, Leo Richardson, Edg, 18:44; 10, Raul Ramos, Ore, 18:48.

Junior senior top 10 individuals: 1, Jacob Burgener, DeF, 16:49; 2, Cade Ferron, BD, 16:49; 3, Tyler Jones, Port, 16:55; 4, Alex Grabowski, DeF, 16:58; 5, Kamden Midtlien, FA, 17:18; 6, Tyronn Gremminger, BD, 17:31; 7, Kyle Legler, Mon, 17:35; 8, Hudson Haas, SP, 17:38; 9, Nathan Devault, MG, 17:42; 10, Noah Wankerl, SP, 17:51.

Baraboo: Exo 18:03; Agren 18:13; Schmelzer 19:18; Statz 19:39; Dunnett 19:43.

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