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Compensation for elected Sauk County Board members would remain frozen during the next two-year term under a proposal that will be considered next week.

However, a county leader hinted Tuesday that there may be an effort to change the resolution establishing supervisor pay when it goes before the board.

During a meeting Tuesday, Board Chairman Marty Krueger of Reedsburg characterized the resolution as a placeholder intended to allow for a broader discussion. He suggested supervisors may try to amend it on the board floor.

Krueger said he brought a resolution including no change in compensation to the board’s Executive and Legislative Committee on Tuesday because that was the recommendation of a seven-member ad hoc committee that studied the issue over the last six months.

However, Krueger noted that several members of the special panel had suggested various compensation increases. None of those proposals won popular support, so the committee ultimately reached a consensus to recommend no change.

He said those ideas may be brought forth for consideration in the form of amendments during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

“Any of those folks that wish to bring any of their ideas — or any idea that wasn’t discussed — before the committee will have to make a motion to amend that resolution and then get a second,” Krueger said. “And then that will bring it to the full board for discussion. We needed to have some item to act on. We just can’t have a discussion.”

The Executive and Legislative Committee voted 5-0 Tuesday in favor of the resolution, forwarding it to the full board for consideration next Tuesday night.

The county board must establish compensation levels for the next term of office before December, when candidates can take out papers for the 2018 spring election.

Supervisors receive $50 for committee meetings and $60 for monthly board meetings they attend, plus reimbursement for mileage and other authorized expenses. They may only collect payment for one meeting a day, and 90 a year.

In 2016, payouts to supervisors totaled more than $128,000 for meeting attendance, mileage and miscellaneous expenses. That figure includes an $8,400 annual salary for the board chair.

The ad hoc committee recommended only one change involving supervisor compensation: A $400 monthly salary for the vice chair, which the panel agreed is necessary due to an increased workload for that position.

However, because candidates don’t take out papers with the intention of running for board chair or vice chair, the salaries for those positions are not dealt with in the resolution that will be considered Tuesday night. The salaries will be considered when the newly elected board adopts its rules in the spring.

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