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Baraboo library fundraiser

Invitations have been sent for Baraboo Public Library's upcoming benefit, A Very Merry Un-Birthday Party.

Baraboo library boosters are throwing an un-birthday party for you. That is, unless you were born Jan. 27.

Actually, the event isn’t for you, it’s a benefit for the library. “The goal is to raise funds to support library programs, services and collections,” said library director Meg Allen.

A Very Merry Un-Birthday Party is a Lewis Carroll-themed benefit spearheaded by volunteers Joan Wheeler and Gretchen Roltgen. “It started with a conversation about mini-golf done in a library out East and morphed to what fun it would be to play golf in the library in the winter,” Roltgen said. “A possible date might be Jan. 27, which also happens to be Lewis Carroll’s birthday, so that led to an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme to celebrate everyone else’s very merry un-birthday.”

The next thing they knew, organizers were sending invitations asking supporters to follow the white rabbit to their fundraiser. They’re planning to serve tea from the Mad Hatter’s table and re-create the Queen’s croquet maze. Live music, small bites and beverages will be offered. Tickets cost $50.

While the event won’t arrive until Jan. 27, organizers are requesting RSVPs by Monday. That way no one will be late for this very important date.

“We ask you to leave behind the bleak midwinter landscape and experience a lively, entertaining and unique event,” Roltgen said, quoting the pitch she and Wheeler made to the library board, which approved the event. “Step across the library threshold of this beautiful old building into an enchanted garden to while away a few pleasant hours, and celebrate your very merry un-birthday!”

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