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A Reedsburg man is facing felony charges for allegedly abusing a mother and her 2-year-old child.

A criminal complaint filed in Sauk County Circuit Court charges 26-year-old Christopher R. Donahou with child abuse, strangulation, and battery.

Sauk County prosecutors say the woman went to the Reedsburg Police Department Nov. 30 to report the abuse, which she alleged had been taking place since September.

According to the mother, Donahou had become physically violent with her child so often that the 2-year-old cowered in his presence. She said Donahou thought it was “funny” that the toddler was afraid of him.

The complaint details a number of alleged instances of abuse, including one occasion in which the mother says Donahou was disciplining her child for unknown reasons. When the mother stepped in, Donahou allegedly grabbed the woman by the hair and threw her onto a bed.

The mother told police that Donahou often hit the child in the head for minor things, such as “not eating fast enough.” She said Donahou chose the head as the place to hit the 2-year-old in order to conceal marks. Nevertheless, investigators did observe did observe multiple injuries to the child.

She also detailed multiple instances in which she claimed Donahou became violent with the child for going to the bathroom in its pants. In one instance, Donahou allegedly caused bruising on the toddler’s genitals that the mother captured in a photograph.

During another incident, Donahou is accused of choking the mother until she couldn’t breathe. She told police that “the look in his eyed made me feel like he wanted to murder me.”

The mother told law enforcement she did not report Donahou earlier because he threatened to harm her if she went to the police.

The felony child abuse charge against Donahou carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison and $10,000 in fines. However, because Donahou has been charged as a repeat offender, the sentence could be enhanced by up to four years if he is convicted.

Donahou has been jailed on a $1,000 signature bond. In July 2014, Donahou was convicted of felony false imprisonment and ordered to serve 60 days in jail along with three years on probation.