Josh Centanni

Baraboo native Josh Centanni's office is mobile, as his i-DealGadgets.com website offers technological tools online.

A Baraboo entrepreneur wants to give buying technology a personal touch.

Last month Josh Centanni launched i-DealGadgets.com, a website specializing in technological toys. He keeps an eye out for the latest foreign and domestic gadgets, ranging from smartwatches to drones to sunglasses outfitted with video cameras.

“They’re products you can’t just go to Walmart and buy,” Centanni said.

His website will differentiate itself from competitors by delivering personal service. Centanni offers customers advice before and after the sale, tracking each order every step of the way.

“I don’t leave them in the dark,” he said.

Centanni got the idea to start the business after finding that older relatives and friends weren’t comfortable buying electronics online. They weren’t certain they were getting exactly what they wanted. Corresponding with customers via email eases their minds. “In my mind, that’s an easy thing to fix,” Centanni said.

Running the website is a sideline for the Baraboo native, who works full time in security at a Wisconsin Dells resort. He personally tests every device he sells, which is more fun than work for the hobbyist techie. “I wanted to impress my friends with the coolest stuff out there,” Centanni said.

Some 400 items already have sold from the fledgling website and its Facebook shop. Being an e-tailer, rather than the proprietor of a brick-and-mortar store, allows Centanni to man the shop from anywhere. Plus, it allows him to establish clientele beyond Baraboo, and the store never has to close. “You can market around the world,” Centanni said. “You can make more money online, just because you’re marketing to a larger audience.”

He adds products daily, as manufacturers release “mood cubes” made of LED lighting that can be used in lieu of a candle, and a USB-powered fan that doubles as a holographic clock.

“The products are what I love,” Centanni said. “I’m learning every day.”

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