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Danny Keyes

I am a school bus driver and union steward it's about not just the money but the way a driver is trained I have never had an accident nor any occurances on any bus I have operated out of all of my 7 years I say that to say this you can get the drivers but not being able to keep them is another issue bones is ok incentives is ok but it's the way they are given benefits is a key factor a school driver is responsible for alot of sometimes headaches and it starts at the top management drivers have no type of protection if a fight breaks out on your bus sometimes to break up a fight you may have to get between a kids but if you incidentally tounch them you most likely will loose your job your physical is a factor but some occupational facilities go above and beyond the call of duty it's a d o t physical and it's a busdriver certification physical d o t physical is for over the road truck drivers if a busdriver is not leaving the state nor going over a hundred miles there is no need for him to have a d o t physical a busdriver only needs a certification physical as long as you have a doctor monitoring your highblood pressure or diabetes and every where in the world people suffer with some type of illiness it's a fast turnover and it does not have to be

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