Search through the salaries of Wisconsin state employees for 2015.

The state paid $1.7 billion in salaries to 37,578 state employees in 2015. The total paid to all state employees remained almost unchanged from 2014, despite a reduction of 555 employees.

About 4 percent of those payments, or $65.7 million, were for overtime or comp time. The median salary paid to those employees was $45,495.

The data comes from the Department of Administration payroll system and covers roughly half of all state-paid jobs. It does not include salaries for employees of the University of Wisconsin System, the Legislature or the judiciary.

About the data: This database covers employees who worked for the state and were paid by the Department of Administration in 2015. The state redacted the names of 159 employees who met any of the following criteria:

  1. They work as law enforcement investigators and their safety would be endangered by disclosure,
  2. Their health, safety or financial security would be jeopardized by inclusion in the database,
  3. They are disabled minors who are employed by the Department of Public Instruction.

Listed salaries are gross payments, but do not include state contributions to employee pensions, health insurance and other optional insurance policies. In some cases, employees may receive additional pay from local, county and/or federal funding sources. Any such payments are not included in this database.

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