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Marlene Bakken

How on EARTH did people survive this long without pasteurized milk? RAW MILK! How much more will we allow this govt to take? FIGHT BACK PEOPLE! We The People DEMAND the nanny state retreat to the scum ponds from which they came. These bans on ANYTHING that the nannies convince our uneducated legislators must stop. Pharma funds bans of all kinds in a brilliant marketing scam using our own legislators and our own money against us. They've spent billions demonizing tobacco to market their own high priced brand of nicotine with horrific side effects that smoking doesn't even compare to! Pharma's even pushing to have vitamins dispensed by prescription only. There's a national crusade AGAINST bullying, and it all starts with government intrusion into our lives and businesses! Nuisance laws and taxes (those made in the interest of corporate profit) take away everything that we hold dear: Private property rights, Parental rights, Privacy rights, Equal rights, Labor rights, etc. ENOUGH!

Jana Jennings

The State regulatory and public health whores lie for their big dairy industry client.

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