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Richard Flint will serve as Sauk County District 11 supervisor until a special election is held in April to replace Joe Fish, who resigned from the position last month due to health reasons.

Sauk County Board Chair Marty Krueger nominated Flint to fill the post and the full Sauk County Board approved the move Tuesday, but the board also made the nomination temporary when it later approved a special election to be held in the spring.

The election will take place in wards 1 and 2 in the town of Excelsior, ward 3 in the town of Reedsburg and all of the village of Rock Springs. Sauk County Clerk Rebecca Evert estimates the election will cost about $550.

Krueger, Vice Chair Joan Fordham and former board member Jason Lane interviewed six candidates and determined Flint to be the most capable.

Prior to its 16-12 vote to hold a special election, the board heard from two citizens, one a constituent of District 11, who asked the board to hold the election and allow voters to elect their County Board representative.

Krueger and a number of supervisors opposed holding the special election. They said the election is unnecessary because the other six candidates might not run in April, and the winner only would serve half of the two-year term.

“Never has any candidate who has not been appointed come back and run in an election,” Krueger said.

He said he does not expect any of the other five candidates to run in April, although four of the six candidates interviewed said they would be interested in running in a special election.

District 18 Supervisor Scott Von Asten of Baraboo said holding the special election is “frankly, good democracy.”

“We can easily hold a special election,” Von Asten said. “At the end of the day I don’t see how it would harm a thing to hold an election. Let the people pick their own representative. That’s what representative government is all about.”

Krueger said no one from District 11 contacted him to ask for a special election.

“I understand all of the talk about what the people decide,” Krueger said. “However, I guess the incredible thing to me is that we had one resident here from supervisory District 11 this evening, but not one of their citizens contacted me and said we needed to have a special election.”

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the board also:

Created a full-time nurse position at the Sauk County Health Department

Authorized the Sauk County Clerk of Courts to contract with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for unpaid debt collection

Authorized the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department to purchase a new inmate transfer van

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