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Wayward Sailor

“Planned Parenthood grant sullies Packers”. There. Fixed it for the headline writer.

randy crawford

Abortion is not only barbaric and uncivilized, it is unconstitutional. The Preamble to the Constitution requires our government in all 50 states to secure the blessings of liberty to "ourselves and our Posterity" but abortion does the opposite of that. By capitalizing 'Posterity' and not 'ourselves' the founders indicated who is the more important. The Packers are being absurdly vile and vicious toward innocent babies when they support Planned Parenthood, and there is no excuse for their financing murder. Abortion is murder. Any doubts? Try it on yourself and see what it's like. And it isn't Planned Parenthood, which is a hypocritical lie of deceit and self promotion. If they would admit they are really Planned Murderhood, they would be more accurate.

Fiona Maxwell

I was a lifetime Green Bay Packer fan. I WAS. The funding of PP by tnt GBP Foundation goes against the mission statement of the foundation itself. Out definitelygoes against my personal f feelings. Ever since I read that article about the funds I have had zero enthusiasm for anything Packer related. I won't wear my Packer clothes. I sold my jewelry. I haven't watched a game or cheered them on.

Am I the only one?

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