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NASH COLUMN: Now the lies are coming in the mail

NASH COLUMN: Now the lies are coming in the mail

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Even before President Donald Trump was elected there were mountains of evidence establishing his corruption, immorality and dishonesty. Yet almost all Republican lawmakers ignored the corruption and defended his lies. Now, they’re using lies in campaign flyers.

The one I received from the Republican Party of Wisconsin is full of them. It shows a photo of former Vice President Joe Biden next to photos of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Ilhan Omar, all of whom are much further left in their political philosophies than Biden, who has been known for years as a moderate. It says, “The radical left has taken over Joe Biden.” Which is funny, considering Sanders admitted that Biden has not embraced many of his policies, but that he’ll vote for him anyway.

The flyer also states that middle class people will be crushed by trillions in new taxes. The Republican Party assumes their audience is either too stupid or too lazy to look up the details of Biden’s tax plan, which is to levy higher taxes only on amounts of income over $400,000. If those people are middle-class, the incomes of everyone I know are way below the poverty level.

It also considers “radical” the allocation of some police funding for programs that prevent crime and that would assist police officers when dealing with the mentally ill. And, by the way, Biden has said many times he is not in favor of “defunding the police,” yet many Republicans repeat that lie.

It also mentions “Amnesty for 11 million undocumented folks.” The fact is, more than three-fourths of Americans favor their becoming citizens. Those immigrants have been here for years, working in our factories, harvesting and processing our food, working in hotels and restaurants, landscaping our grounds, constructing buildings, and much more. Many of them and their children have graduated from technical schools and college and are working as professionals in healthcare, research and skilled trades. These workers all pay into Social Security and Medicare but will never get back any of those investments. While Republicans continue to attack immigrants, they say nothing about all the companies that hire and profit greatly from their hard, mostly underpaid labor. Talk about hypocrisy! But the lies about that issue and others continue. Take open borders. Biden, nor any other Democrat I’ve heard of advocates for open borders. They do want immigrants who are fleeing poverty or horrible conditions to have a means to become legal refugees and eventually citizens, just as the ancestors of all Americans, except Native Americans, were.

Sometimes I wonder if the Republican lawmakers and their enablers have even seen the Statue of Liberty or have any idea what it represents.

Readers who want the facts instead of lies on the immigration issue and others, visit

Then there are the president’s lies about “voter fraud” and mail-in ballots. Staunch Republican lawyer and expert on elections, Benjamin L. Ginsberg, in his article in the Sept. 8 column in the Washington Post, vigorously refutes those charges. He wrote,

“I spent 38 years in the GOP’s legal trenches…I played a central role in the 2000 Florida recount and several dozen Senate, House and state contests. I served as counsel to all three Republican national party committees and represented four of the past six Republican presidential nominees (including, through my law firm, Trump 2020).”

He describes years of investigations in so-called voter fraud connected to mail-in ballots and determined there is basically none. He concludes, “Calling elections ‘fraudulent’ and results ‘rigged’ with almost nonexistent evidence is antithetical to being the ‘rule of law’ party.”

Distinguished journalist Bob Woodward’s new book “Rage” provides evidence, in the President’s own words, what a liar the President is. Woodward recorded conversations he had with the president during 18 separate interviews. What Trump said privately to Woodward on Feb. 7 about the COVID-19 virus was the opposite of what he told us, that it was a “hoax,” would disappear soon, was just like the flu, etc. If the President had urged Americans to wear masks, avoid large gatherings and listen to the CDC, thousands of American lives would have been spared.

Instead, he holds large, crowded rallies, where attendees are forced to sign waivers that they won’t sue the campaign if they contract the virus, discourages mask-wearing, makes fun of Biden for wearing one and refuses to wear one himself.

But the biggest lies are sometimes the unspoken ones, like Trump pretending to care about Christianity or faith. In his book, “Disloyal: a Memoir,” Trump’s long-time personal attorney, Michael Cohen wrote that after pastors prayed over him, Trump told Cohen, “Can you believe that people believe that (expletive)?”

A better question is, “How can anyone believe the President?”

Pat Nash has lived in the Baraboo area, off and on, for more than 35 years. Contact her at

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