NASH COLUMN:Time for voters to clean house of Trump, enablers

NASH COLUMN:Time for voters to clean house of Trump, enablers

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Donald Trump has attempted to hide truths his whole life. He’s demanded non-disclosure agreements from his family and all his wives — which should have been red flags before they were married. Who declares love for someone and makes them sign a paper that guarantees they can’t ever reveal anything about their relationship? Let me guess — someone who has things to hide.

Once he became president, he figured everything he said or did in the presence of his staff and advisers would be considered classified and they’d be prohibited from revealing anything, even if keeping it a secret would endanger national security.

To make sure government watchdogs didn’t find out too much, he’s fired four inspectors general whose job was to investigate evidence or suspicion of waste, fraud or abuse. Details can easily be found in an internet search.

In another attempt to thwart investigations into his and his accomplices’ dealings, Trump fired Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney in charge of investigating major crimes in the Southern District of New York. Does anyone believe that it was just a coincidence that Berman was reportedly investigating Trump ally Rudy Giuliani and his dealings with Ukranian officials?

But he couldn’t even do that without making a mess of it. First, on June 19, Attorney General William Barr said Berman had resigned. Berman denied it. Then Barr said Trump had told him to fire Berman, but Trump told reporters he had nothing to do with it. The next day, it was agreed Trump fired him.

When elected, he said he’d hire “only the best,” yet the turnover in his administration has hit an historic high of 85% in less than four years. If a business had that much turnover in a similar period, it would be obvious that its owner and managers were incompetent or corrupt.

Voters should have realized in 2016, that Trump was a lousy businessman whose companies had declared bankruptcy six times and had been sued by thousands of workers who built his casinos and hotels because he didn’t pay his bills. He had also been caught running a fraudulent charity and “university.” Voters should also have questioned why, unlike other presidents over the past 40 years, he refused to release his tax returns.

And now, nearing the end of his term, his enablers and defenders still don’t question anything he does. They’ve ignored more than 19,000 instances he’s lied to the American people. His enablers ignored hundreds of mental health experts who warned of the dangers he presents to the country because of his sociopathic, malignant narcissistic character.

They’ve ignored his former chiefs of staff and top advisers – some of them distinguished and highly decorated generals and admirals – when they warned of the dangers his ignorance and incompetence pose to our national security. And his former national security adviser, the extremely conservative John Bolton, just verified in his book, “The Room Where it Happened,” everything others have said and added more evidence of Trump’s corruption and incompetence. Trump has tried to stop its release but it has already been printed and shipped.

Years ago, his enablers in Congress knew how corrupt he was. Dana Milbank reported in the June 18 Wisconsin State Journal, “The administration literally shut down the transparency website ‘’ and another one called ‘” shortly after he took office. His administration also removed 40,000 files from They apparently don’t care if he hides information from the American people so long as he appoints conservative judges.

And they will most likely ignore the warnings by the president’s niece, Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and the daughter of Donald’s brother Fred, Jr. In her book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” subtitled, “How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” she reveals, as described it, how he threatens America’s “health, economic security, and social fabric.” He’s threatening her, too, and because she signed an NDA years ago. He just claimed, “she’s not allowed to write a book.”

But his enablers in Congress, like Wisconsin’s own Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, will ignore those warnings, too. They care much more about being reelected than they do about the country. Their refusal to confront him and their willingness to ignore his corruption, lies, incompetence and ignorance make them just as guilty, corrupt and devious as he is.

Who would have thought the people we elected to represent us would be so lacking in courage and morality? It’s well past time for the voters to clean house and elect people who care about truth, justice and integrity. November can’t come soon enough.

Pat Nash has lived in the Baraboo area, off and on, for more than 35 years. Contact her at

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