Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, left, and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler applaud June 11 as they listen to President Donald Trump speak at Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress make it more obvious every day that they lack morals, courage, compassion and the capability to govern with integrity. It’s time Americans start asking them questions.

Why does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuse to allow bills that would ensure fair elections to come to the floor of the Senate? Is he afraid if the elections were fair that his party would be voted out? And why won’t he let the Senate vote on a bill that would require universal background checks for gun purchasers when the vast majority of Americans support it? Is the money he and some of his pals get from the NRA more important than saving lives?

Then, while more American farmers are going bankrupt than ever before — and some of them have committed suicide — why did Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue imply to the audience at Minnesota’s Farm Fest that they’re whiners?

How else can you interpret this joke he told? “What do you call two farmers in a basement? A whine cellar.” And then he pounded the table and laughed. At first the audience, made up of farmers, didn’t know how to react. Then they booed.

Meanwhile, in retaliation for Trump’s tariffs, China, our farmers’ biggest customer, has stopped buying all American agriculture products. China’s now buying them from Russia and other countries, which are very happy about that. It’s not like the economists didn’t warn Trump this would happen, but he thinks he knows more than anyone.

And since Trump took the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran announced it would increase the enrichment of uranium to any amount they want. Before, under the agreement, the U.S. and other countries could inspect their nuclear facilities to ensure they weren’t enriching it to the point of being viable for nuclear weapons. Even the United Nations agreed Iran had complied with the deal. No more. How is the world safer now?

Despite Trump’s “love affair” with North Korea’s murderous dictator Kim Jong Un, why is North Korea still testing missiles and taunting us? The entire world is laughing at our president’s lies and narcissism. But it’s not funny; it’s dangerous.

Why has the Trump administration loosened the rules that have protected endangered species? And why have they discouraged the use of renewable energy sources? Think about that.

Why is the U.S. deporting immigrants who are active members of the military and defending our country? And why are we detaining immigrants who are working at jobs Americans refuse to do?

Why does the president have time to tweet many times every day and watch Fox & Friends, but no time to read security and other important briefings?

Remember when he ranted during the 2016 campaign about President Barack Obama playing too much golf and saying if he were elected he wouldn’t have time to play golf because he’d be too busy?

On Aug. 14, NBC News reported that out of his 936 days in office, he’s spent 289 days at Trump properties; 221 of them at his golf properties. And in January of this year, at the request of members of Congress, the General Accounting Office reported, “GAO estimated that federal agencies incurred costs of about $13.6 million for the President’s four trips to Mar-a-Lago from Feb. 3 through March 5, 2017.” That’s $3.4 million per trip. By the time his first term ends, we’ll have spent more than $1 billion for him to play golf.

Overall, he’s already tripled the amount of time golfing and vacationing that President Obama did in his first term and twice as much as President George W. Bush.

Then again, who’s surprised that he lied?

His lies are too numerous to keep up with, but one of the latest was in Pennsylvania on Aug. 13, when he gave a speech to construction workers and took credit for the creation of Shell’s Petro Chemicals, a manufacturing facility in western Pennsylvania. Actually, the plan was announced in 2102 when Obama was president. Is there anyone left who can believe a word he says?

Remember when he promised he’d release his tax returns if he was elected? So why won’t he? What’s he afraid of? And why won’t he let any current or former members of his campaign and administration comply with Congressional subpoenas so they can be questioned under oath? Wouldn’t he want everything out in the open if he was innocent?

Finally, a few Republicans are starting to wake up. Some, along with former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, are thinking of running against him in the Republican primary. At this point, even a dust bunny would be smarter, more honest and competent.

Pat Nash has lived in the Baraboo area, off and on, for more than 35 years. Contact her at patnash5149@gmail.com.

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