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j j

"Educators need more input on budget." Definitely, definitely not!

After what we are seeing in our schools, college professors talking and acting like a terrorist against our newly President-elect.....they lost their rights to more input. Matter of fact, those teachers/professors need to be fired with no benefits. That would set a good example to straighten out the Education System.

I was in communication with a Wisconsin school teacher Spring 2016 and she "wished" that Barry Soetoro (Muslim Barack Hussein) "would some how get to run again for 3rd term". This is going against our Constitution. This is what we got under the radar, unpatriotic teachers/professors in our schools around the country. Fire them with no benefits. November 8, 2016 election tells we need a change to straighten out our America, and it needs to start in our Education System.

GOOD READING........................

"The Snapping of the American MIND" ~~ David Kapelian. Decline and fall of America and shows that is no accident, but a direct result of Progressives. Yup!

"Scorched Earth", Restoring the Country after Obama ~~ Michael Savage, KSFO radio, www.michaelsavage.com ..... The destruction to the fabric of our country under Progressives, Liberals.

Daniel Holzman

[smile]Very well put. Fight the teapublicans.

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