You might have noticed that many of the Democratic candidates who are running for president of the United States have included climate change on their list of priorities.

But do you know how much time was allotted to discuss climate change during a recent presidential debate? Just 10 minutes on the biggest issue facing our planet. Doesn’t it make sense that every voter deserves to know more about where each candidate stands on this issue as well as what they intend to do about it?

One 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state, is the only candidate who is running to put defeating this climate crises as a first priority and to bring this information to the public. And he and a group called “314 Action” are speaking out about that.

He thinks that “Americans deserve to hear candidates’ concrete plans to address climate change. We need strong, clear messages not just empty platitudes.” He also states that “The only way we’ll get them is by hosting a climate-only debate.”

I have to agree with that proposal. Let’s have a debate about a no. 1 topic: climate change.

Nick Kelly, Baraboo

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