First, thanks to Mike Scherck for the informative article in the Sept. 25 Baraboo News Republic.

High school and middle school discipline is the defining issue. The current discipline program hasn’t worked since it started. Administrators back students and blame disruption on our teachers. Teachers get no support or respect from administrators or the school board. Where are the parents?

There is no accountability and no consequences. Students show blatant disrespect toward staff. Students don’t complete homework and can take tests over as many times as necessary to pass. At the end of the school year, they automatically advance to the next grade level.

The current district administrator should be fired, and the entire school board should resign for letting this happen. Shame on all of you. Our district is a runaway train. Our kids and staff are suffering as a result of all of this. Remember this next time you vote for board members.

Johann Mortimer, Baraboo 


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Robert Cole

I don't think it has to do with the schools or the parents personally. I think it has to do with the legalities of discipline in general. Fairly recently, I had an incident with my high-school age son. He was blatantly disobeying his teachers and skipping school. I tried to punish and ground him. Assembly walked out on things and went out with his girlfriend. He then stayed out past the curfew I have set for him. Started a huge argument with me as soon as he got home. He got violent and right in my face with fists clenched. It escalated to the point where he attempted to stab me with a knife. I wrestled the weapon out of his hands. I let him up from the ground, and he ran out the door. he proceeded to go to the police department telling them that I tried to choke him. I was arrested that night on two felony charges. He was completely going to let me sit with these charges and potentially go to prison. His mother eventually forced him to go to the county district attorney's office to tell the truth. I was cleared of all charges, but the initial charges remain on my record for life. Just a couple weeks later, he got violent with a police officer who ended up holding him at taser point. They physically removed him from the lobby of my business. Basically I was told that I could not even touch him if it came down do it again, but law enforcement was ready to light him up like a Christmas tree with a taser. More recently was an incident of him skipping school again. He has a truancy ticket from last year that was held open as long as he misses no school the first half of this year. I personally caught him walking across a parking lot in the middle of the school day. The school he goes to requires him to be scanned in 2 every area that he goes to through the day. He obviously got caught seeing I get multiple calls through the week that my child is absent from school for one or more periods. He tells them how he wants it to go, and there are no consequences beyond that. They've also now given him a get off easy we to still graduate with his class next year. He currently doesn't have enough credits to pass his freshman year. Just a couple days ago again, I tried to do a little discipline to remedy things that we're going on. He stood face-to-face with me fists clenched telling me he's just going to sit there and piss me off until I hit him. Things have gotten to a point that the kids have all the power in the situation. The parents and teachers have no option left. If they see or do anything to try to remedy a situation, the kids just run to the police department fabricating a story. I've even caught kids out in public telling other kids that if they don't get their way to go toll the police department that their parents are hitting them. I'm definitely not advocating beating children in any way shape or form, but I sure as hell never disrespected a teacher again after one busted a yard stick across my backside. I guess that I should also state that I have been in contact with social services multiple times with very little to no help. Honestly, I'm afraid to go to sleep some nights. Yet, there's nothing I can do without getting arrested, and nobody that is supposed to give help seems to care. I've just outlined a few things in this comment. I have something like this every day.

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