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LETTER: Disinformation travels quickly

LETTER: Disinformation travels quickly


Disinformation is easily transmitted and very effective. Here is an example, XR Vision, a facial recognition company, was working with law enforcement and provided facial matches of two known members of Nazi organizations who invaded the capitol.

The Washington Times reported that a retired military officer told them that XR Vision had identified the two men as members of Antifa. This was widely accepted without the officer being identified.

At the insistence of XR Vision, the Washington Times printed a retraction saying they were mistaken, and rewrote the article.

In the meantime, the original story was being posted far and wide on social media. It was mentioned in a speech on the floor of the House by Rep. Matt Gaetz. Then it was picked up by commentators at Fox News and other outlets loyal to the president, sowing the seeds of doubt and providing an alternate explanation. “I wouldn’t trust a word that comes out of the FBI’s mouth at this point,” Arizona state Sen. Mark Finchem said, after an FBI briefing of congress. When the disinformation effectively renders the official word moot, then belief and suspicion is what remains. Please be mindful of this process as things evolve.

Richard Peidelstein, Baraboo 


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